Camping Monte Bianco La Sorgente

Immersed in the nature

Open only
summer time

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Our thoughts

LIVING NATURE, this is our philosophy, where better than in a tent, caravan or bungalow could you stay in close contact with the rhythms imposed by the sun and the dark, with the moon and the stars, but also in the ticking live rain?
Living in the open air helps us to rediscover the natural balance of well being.
The camp is located in a corner of paradise, far away from the noise of cars and the mass flow of tourists, surrounded by ancient alpine meadows in the beating heart of Mont Blanc, rocked by the harmonic flutter of larch and fir trees. Energy that comes from harmony of nature reigns. Here you can find a friendly place for a relaxing chat in the sun or in the shade, admiring the majesty of mountains and breathing healthy air.
Waking up in the morning watching the chamois and ibex, who play in the shade of conifers. It 's like travelling in a world that is known to few.
Enjoy the experience of living in one of our chalets, wooden houses born from nature. Wood tells the story of the forest and in the forest lives beautiful fairytales. Let yourself be embraced by the warmth of natural wood and relax on the terrace reading a book or listening to the your favourite music.
Let yourself get involved by the simplicity and purity of the place just because a piece of paper left , reveals an intruder out of place.
Our country offers us everything we need to live better, let’s catch it. Nowadays we have been able to get water from a waterfall to produce electricity, the sun helps us to heat the swimming pool and domestic hot water and a source of crystal clear water runs through our property and feeds the water supply of the camp.